/// Decorate your interior

  • Colored lights are the best way to improve any living space! Use Loochi to turn existing surfaces into stunning colored panels. Its high-powered led will wash over several dozen square-feet (a few square-meters) with beautiful colors.
  • Set up colored animations by selecting your favorite colors and let Loochi smoothly transition between them.

/// Setup the perfect mood for every moment

  • Looking for that little something to make your dinner parties different? Use Loochi to adjust the mood as the evening goes by. A flick of the finger is all you need to switch from beautiful colors (appetizer), to warm white lights (dinner) before you animate colors again (party) or decide to go for a more intimate setting (kisses).

/// Illuminate your parties at home !

  • Take care of the music and let Loochi take care of the lights!
    Just select your favorite music directly on your smartphone or tablet and let Loochi listen to the music to create realtime light animations.

/// Wake up gently with your preferred colors

  • Loochi is also there to help you when the party is over... Loochi will slowly turn on the light from a dark deep blue to a bright warm white so that every morning feels like the end of a night under the stars.

/// Relax after work

  • Listen to your favorite music watching luminous scenes inspired from nature such as sunset
  • Creating stunning ambience is incredibly easy: choose from one of our built-in ambience (candle, sunset, underwater, tropical jungle, etc) or define one using your personal pictures to set the tone!

/// Control Loochi from your finger!

And all of that just with your finger, thanks to the simple interface of your smartphone and tablet!
Download the Loochi application for iOS or Android (on Apple store or on Google Play) and get instant control of your lighting.

...and even more!

/// Stay connected!

Smoothly link your web life to your real life, keeping in touch in a non intrusive manner. Loochi can react to event in your online life.

/// Imagine new usages & have fun!

Want to throw giant animations on your building such as a Tetris ?
No problemo! Loochi API is great for that! Just plug a few Loochis behind white curtains, and enjoy controlling all of them through a simple app on your phone!
Of course, you could also invite other people around the world to play with you ;)

/// Improve Loochi

Have some creative energy? Loochi is completely open-source, there is no limit to what can be done with it! Design your own animations, build your own app to control it or even adapt the electronic to create new types of Lamp!

/// Control through your Pebble watch

At TBIdeas, we are first-hour fan of the Pebble watch, so we planned to support it from the start of the Loochi conception ;) Expect more from us on the subject when Pebble SDK becomes available.