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Kickstarter = Frustration + incomprehension ?

Not approved... because of ???”)

Frustration & incomprehension should be the good words to describe our current feeling regarding Kickstarter.

Yesterday night, we have received for the third time a short email without any more details indicating

“Your project unfortunately falls outside of our scope and cannot be accepted”

The lack of details is really what is frustrating us today, as if we all have to accept failure / rejection sometimes in our live, we certainly all want to know why in order to try to do better and avoid it next time… That’s why today we ask for your help !

We have started to work on the Loochi project since April 2012, thrilled by barely imaginable things connected objects will offer tomorrow. From the start we wanted most of the project to be open source, to give back what many gave indirectly to us. To do so we have distributed roles in our 3 people team, initiated website / blog to share our progresses with Internet users, build several prototypes (5 for electronic card both Wifi and Bluetooth, 2 for Loochi itself, designed and 3D print 4 different shades) and a functional iOS application. We have seen others projects following the same path, comforting us in our subject choice and always considering they will force us to work on our differentiators (zero configuration, animations capabilities, open shades design, etc).

On 25th of October we were ready and submitted the project to the KS team for approval. After 10 days we receive an email declining project:

“this project is not a good fit for Kickstarter. Technology is a category with unique challenges and not all projects fall within our focus. “

OK, we may have been too quickly pressing on the “Submit” button and should have missed something regarding the Kickstarter guidelines. After carefully reviewing these, we identified 3 potentials issues: our product potentially not enough visible, an exploded view of Loochi parts based on rendering (which usage is forbidden) and the promotion for a 2 Loochi bundle offering stereo animations. To be sure we would propose the good corrections / provide information, we send an email:


We think our project matches the guidelines:

  • It is a creative project, born in Santa Cruz Makers factory and encouraging people to build their own, discover 3D printing (for the shades) or programming;
  • We show prototypes in the video and the team is experienced;
  • We have a rendering, but it is just to show an exploded view. Is this a problem?
  • We have a pack of two lights, because some animations work better with different lamps. Is this a problem?

thanks, thomas

As answer, we just received a quite general email, indicating our appeal was rejected and project is over.

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to write to us again. We took a look at the project after your message, however the project you submitted does not meet our Project Guidelines ( and it can no longer be submitted to Kickstarter. This decision is final.

We wish you the best as you continue to pursue this endeavor, and we hope you continue to be part of the Kickstarter community.

Best, Kickstarter

After a brainstorm, we decided to just redo the KS project, updating the whole content (text, video) and adding new pictures of the new 3D printed prototypes we should receive a few days later.

On Wed. 21st of November, we are ready (again!). After reviewing again the guidelines, we cannot see clear reasons not to get approved Unfortunalty, 5 days later we received the (automatic) feared email:

“As mentioned previously, your project unfortunately falls outside of our scope and cannot be accepted.”.

No more details (again!)

So what now ? Today we are really frustrated about Kickstarter process: it’s unclear and doesn’t help at all to test the product… Especially when we have think about many potential issues (production, delivery, costs) but really not that one :( So in order to really get some quality feedback, we propose you to review and validate our KS draft page: as we didn’t get any precise feedback rom Kickstarter, we now rely on you in order to provide it ! This will definitely help us to make the good decision for Loochi’s project future (do not worry we won’t drop it ;).

So please review our Kickstarter project page

Thanks for you help and comments below or by email!

Thomas, Boris and Juergen.

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