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How we are going to manufacture those Loochis

This was initially intended to be on our crowdfunding campaign page but we realized that there were a little too many details for most of our backers. So for those who really want to understand everything, here is the detail of how we are going to manufacture each part of Loochi.

The plastic base

The base will be injection-molded. We received several quotes and have selected the manufacturer. This manufacturer requested that we do several subtle changes to the 3D design to improve the manufacturability and we have. The last thing we need to change is the list of Very Important Backers on the bottom of the lamp and then we will build the mold. This should take between 2 and 3 weeks, at which point we will build a few base units, double-check everything and then run a large batch for our initial production run.

The shade

We are still considering different options for the shades. We found some made of glass and some made of PMMA (aka Plexiglas). Weight and the risk of breaking them are the biggest problem of glass. We are researching potential changes to the plexiglass shades in order to achieve our desired quality. This will most likely require having a shade made to our specifications. We will keep you updated on this subject.

The heatsink

Heat management is very important for any lamp, even when using LED technology. The heatsink will be built specifically for us through aluminium extrusion. We have the quotes and do not anticipate any issue.

The electronic

After 5 prototypes (one more since we did the video ;) we know precisely what we need and how to get it. The PCBs will be prepared by a third company. Unlike standard PCB that are made of plastic, our PCBs core will be aluminium to get maximal thermal conductivity from the LED to the heatsink. The same manufacturer will purchase the electronic parts for us, solder them on the board and do the electronic testing.

The power supply

We are buying those off the shelves. We have quotes and are looking at some custom made options for the connector cable. Of course, we want the lamp to look great with the connector plugged in! Packaging: We are just starting here. We are looking at a carton box in which we will fit your complete Loochi, ready to light up your rooms! We will have them printed by yet another company!

Custom made shades

Those will be manufactured by a 3D-printing specialist that we will partner with. The selection here is highly dependent on the number of backers who choose this reward. When each part is ready, we will have them sent to the manufacturer who is in charge of the electronics, they will split them in two large containers: one going to the US and one going to Paris, France. Each half will be assembled by our little elves (we are accepting volunteers here ;) or outsourced to a logistics company (depending on the volume we end up with) and then shipped to you!


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