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Complete source files for Illumi v0.2

We are about to start work on the next prototype!

Before we do, we wanted to close the 0.2 version and make sure we had everything published. It is all on our github account.

Main features

It is a dual-board design: a board with the micro-controller and the Wifi card, and another board with the LED drivers.

Features of the motherboard:

  • Arduino-Leonardo clone running at 8Mhz - Programmable via a ICSP connector or through the USB cable (once the bootloader has been burnt). You can use the Arduino IDE to program it.
  • Wifi module RN-171 from Roving Networks with a wire antenna
  • Bluetooth 4 Low Energy BLE112 module from Bluegiga
  • Only 75mm by 50mm
  • Switching 3.3 V power supply

Features of the LED driver

  • Input voltage from ~5V to 20V (depends on the type of LED you want to power) - Compatible with all sorts of high power LEDs
  • Three LT3518 swiching regulator for a 700mA constant current source to drive one RGB led
  • PWM inputs to control the brightness of each component: Red, Green, Blue
  • Shutdown pin to turn off the regulators and save power
  • Three temperature sensors to measure the board temperature

More information and known problems in the README on github.

Updated on Jan 8th 2013 to fix the github links.

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