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Pretty Cool Raspberrypi Poster By Elektor

Elektor just sent out its weekly newsletter: Elektor.POST (highly recommended) and this week they are giving away a very nice RaspberryPi poster.

Elektor RaspberryPi poster

You can download it here

I thought I would point this out because it’s one of the great things Elektor has been doing as part of their new online strategy: Magazines need to adapt to survive and I think they are doing a pretty good job.

I still think access to their forums should be free but at least they are trying something new and different. Big up to them!

Disclaimer: I have been an avid reader of elektor for as long as I can remember (my dad has always been a subscriber) - and I have learnt a lot thanks to them! But TBideas is not affiliated with them in any way ;)

Thomas aka sarfata spends most of his time working on open-source projects that mix hardware, web technologies and software. When not blogging on TB ideas, he can be found on

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