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Loochi 0.6 Prototypes

Loochi 0.6 board

It’s been a while since we shared progress on our prototypes. Loochi 0.5 should have been the “pre-production version” but we ran into a few issues:

  • The vias under the micro-controller caused some shortcuts. It took me a pretty long time to understand what was going on. I tried putting some tape between the CPU and the board but it became almost impossible to solder the cpu…
  • The bluetooth low energy module we were using is not yet available publicly and only in very small quantity so I switched back to Bluegiga BLE112.
  • We did some physical adjustments because the first board did not fit perfectly in the base and the lenses holes were not in the right place (I messed up some basic sin/cosine math … shame on me)

Anyway, Loochi 0.5 is dead - long live Loochi 0.6! I just finished building the first one and it works perfectly. This is great news: after weeks spent focusing on the hardware we will be able to switch our effort on the software.

As always, source code and design files are available in our github. I have made a PDF version of the schematic for your convenience.

As we announced before, we want your feedback and we will be sharing those boards with you guys. If you are interested by a Loochi electronic board (without the plastic and heatsink) put your name in the comments below, let us know what you want to do with it and we will send you one. We will probably build no more than 10 of those - it’s your chance to get a very unique Loochi … for free!

Thomas aka sarfata spends most of his time working on open-source projects that mix hardware, web technologies and software. When not blogging on TB ideas, he can be found on

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